Fortify Your Business Against Cyber Threats,

Avoid Catastrophic Downtime and Costs

We Provide Comprehensive Managed Cybersecurity:

Tailored Protection, Ongoing Support, and Strategic Risk Management

  • Your Business is at Risk: 43% of cyber-attacks target small businesses and 60% of the

    hacked companies go out of business within 6 months of a cyber-attack. (PR Newswire & SEC)

  • Surpassing global giants, cybercrime: Cybercrime now boast as the third-largest economy in

    the world. (World Economic Forum & Cybernews)

  • Reject complacency—stay vigilant: When surveyed, 54% of small businesses think they are

    too small for a cyber attack. That’s their first mistake... (TechRound)

  • Assess risks with our Free Vulnerability Assessment: It's non-intrusive and reveals the weaknesses within your network that hackers can get into and destroy your business.

7 Simple Steps to Fortify Your Business' Cybersecurity

Request An Assessment

Complete Application

We Validate the Application

Initiate Assessment

Generate Report

Review Report

Kick off your cybersecurity upgrade with a free assessment.

Tell us about your business to tailor the assessment to your needs.

We ensure all details are accurate for a comprehensive analysis.

Our team starts a thorough examination of your systems.

Receive a detailed report with actionable insights.

Go through the findings and consult with us for any clarifications.

7 Simple Steps to Fortify Your Business' Cybersecurity

1. Request An Audit

Initiate the process by opting for a free audit

2. Complete Audit Application

Fill in your audit application in detail

3. We Validate Application

We carefully verify your provided
information for accuracy

4. Initiate Network Audit

We commence the Audit assessment

5. Generate Audit Report

We create your personalized audit
report and notify you

6. Review Report

Together, we go through the audit
findings in detail and discuss

7. "Do It Yourself" Remediation

Address the vulnerabilities with your team.


7. "Managed Care" Remediation

Address the vulnerabilities with our managed care solutions.

Why Should You Opt For Our Services?

Our unique experiences and achievements in cybersecurity solutions set us apart:

Partnerships with Military and Government Agencies.
Owing to our collaborative efforts with military and governmental agencies, we harness the power of deep dark web analysis and threat intelligence. This places us in a leading position within the cybersecurity sphere.

Impressive Track Record with Industry Leaders.
We have established ourselves by implementing holistic online cybersecurity measures for reputed corporations, including Bank of America, Chase, and Microsoft. Our innovative endeavors have been recognized with numerous awards and patents.

Pioneering Microsoft's First Hardened Server Operating System.

During the vital years of 1999 to 2003, we ventured beyond merely designing and implementing robust DMZ architectures. We led the evolution of hardening three key Microsoft applications - the Server Operating System, the IIS Web Server, and the Application Center 2000. These meaningful contributions played a significant role in shaping enterprise cybersecurity.

Innovation in Enterprise-level Cybersecurity.

Further demonstrating our expertise, we pioneered an enterprise-wide vulnerability management system for Bank of America's 1 million node network and devised a comprehensive security framework for safeguarding the globally acquired banks. Our strategic innovations have been pivotal in shaping the understanding and approach towards cybersecurity solutions at the enterprise level.

Commitment to Small Business Owners.
We apply our wealth of corporate experience to serve small business owners, working side-by-side with them every day. Our mission is to ensure that you receive the same level of cybersecurity protection that large corporations benefit from, but at an affordable cost, making cybersecurity accessible for all businesses.

Shield Your Business from Cyber Attacks

With Your Complimentary Vulnerability Assessment, Gain the Following...

Peace of Mind

With the free scan, we delve into your network or website, providing you a Risk Score to determine your susceptibility to hacking.

System Health Check

We help identify threats, areas of weakness, and potential vulnerabilities, enabling you to act swiftly in securing your systems.

Personalized Security

We spot gaps in processes and provide free strategic advice, aiding you in safeguarding your website, business, and/or home network.

Proactive Threat Detection

Our proprietary monitoring software alerts you to suspicious activity instantly, giving you time to evaluate and intervene before major damage occurs.

From the founder...

"Employing various cybersecurity solutions is important, but insufficient on its own. To truly protect your organization, real-time monitoring paired with rapid threat detection and response capabilities are essential.

Without ongoing vigilance to detect vulnerabilities when they emerge, and the capacity to immediately act at the first sign of compromise, breaches remain likely.

We firmly believe that equal access to resources, akin to those enjoyed by large corporations, is fundamental for all small businesses. It levels the playing field, preventing any undue disadvantages." - Dianne Beattie

Why It's Essential to Prioritize Internet Safety and Cybersecurity Protection...

Experiencing a cyber attack is not so much a matter of 'if' as it is 'when', and nobody is exempted. Business hacking incidents are on the rise, reaching an unprecedented peak. Did you know that a single hacking incident could lead to the downfall of your business? Many have already faced such a fate.

Illicit cyber activities are zeroing in on you and your organization, with an aim to dent your wealth, identity, and reputation. Relying on consumer-grade, readily available protection can lead to a false sense of security as it often fails to confront the major portion of the threat.

Cybercriminals, fraudsters, and identity thieves target not only enterprises but also individuals. Insider threat management is often overlooked by organizations, unless they are heavily regulated.

Even when aware of the associated risks, people may still choose to operate insecurely for the sake of speed, convenience, and perceived benefits that outweigh the perceived risk.

Predictions from reputable research firm, Gartner, provide food for thought:

By 2025, the scarcity of skilled personnel or human errors will account for more than fifty percent of major cyber incidents.

Projecting further, by 2027, half of the Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) in large enterprises will have embraced human-centric security design practices to minimize friction induced by cybersecurity measures and optimize control adoption.

Digital: The Next Frontier in Threat Protection

Your business might require remediation or risk reduction strategies. Discover the extent of your security needs with our complimentary scan.

The Rise of Insider Threats

With the evolution of the Work-From-Anywhere model, identifying Insider Risks and Threats becomes vital. Detection of malicious insiders is now contingent on the analysis of Behavioral Data. Merely monitoring is no longer sufficient to shield your business in this changing cyber landscape.

Services We Offer...

  • Cybersecurity Services

  • Online Security Services

  • Secure Online Browsing

  • Data Protection

  • Internet Safety

  • Digital Executive Protection

  • Your Personal Cybersecurity Advisor

  • Privacy Protection

  • Ensure Confidentiality

  • Control Reputation

  • Protect Integrity

  • Ensure Continuity

  • Personal Device Security

  • Home Network Security

  • Concierge Client Service with Incident Response

  • Stop hijacking, eavesdropping, takeover and WiFi threats

  • Reduce Personal Risk

  • Identify theft, cyberstalking, swatting, doxxing, and extortion

  • Prevent email threats, malware and ransomware

  • Prevent location tracking

  • Prevent Identity Theft

  • Peace of Mind

Advantages of Opting for Our Services

Undoubtedly, insider threats are often overlooked in the realm of cybersecurity.

What sets our Cyber Fusion Center apart from other Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) is our ability to gather timely, actionable threat intelligence from various sources. Moreover, we ensure the constant availability of our Tier One Engineers and Cyber Leaders for round-the-clock threat surveillance, detection, and resolution.

Cyber Secure Online's Cybersecurity service proudly presents a unique Concierge Cybersecurity & Privacy Platform.

As a frontrunner in tailored cybersecurity solutions, Cyber Secure Online creates alliances with organizations, delivering an adaptable yet exhaustive range of skills, capabilities, and services that concentrate on risk detection, mitigation, and resolution.

Cyber Secure Online (CSO) provides a customizable, all-encompassing suite of skills, abilities, and services that assist your business in recognizing and establishing the right measures to secure your data assets.

CSO rolls out an Insider Risk Management Program designed to proactively and predictively pinpoint user or partner behaviors that could potentially lead to the unauthorized transfer of corporate assets or other harmful actions (intentionally or mistakenly). Our approach emphasizes remedial guidance over punitive repercussions.

Education is our most potent weapon against insider risks associated with human errors. We guide you on how to align the principles of cybersecurity with business success, just as profitability is comprehended within most corporations.

Today, businesses are inadequately equipped to tackle threats like increasingly authentic deepfakes – a problem worsened by the fact that making such deceptions is becoming cheaper and simpler. The proliferation of open-source Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) libraries enables even beginners to use the technology, facilitating the creation of convincing deepfakes.

More than 80% of businesses faced an insider threat last year. (YahooFinance)

The average expense incurred per insider threat in 2022 stood at $15.38 million (Techjury)

A significant 66% of organizations perceive the likelihood of malicious insider attacks or unintentional breaches to be higher than that of external attacks (Techjury)

Prevent Cyber Threats Before They Strike

... Employing an Advanced Defensive Strategy

Our forward-thinking cybersecurity method facilitates correlation and prevention of events across all channels, averting potential data exfiltration leaks.

We are committed to defending privacy, businesses, and homes from likely threats, thereby ensuring protection and safety.

Reliable Enterprise Cybersecurity Protection

Keep Your Business Safe!

Why Choose Cyber Secure Online's Monitoring Solution?

Our Cyber Fusion Center is Always Vigilant! Secure Your Business With Us!

  • We vigilantly safeguard your business from cybersecurity threats.

  • We promptly detect, tackle, and inform you of any risks to you and your data.

  • We're accessible 24/7 - at your convenience, whenever you require assistance.

  • Our platforms are human-operated to ensure rapid and precise threat detection.

  • Our offerings encompass risk assessments, personalized training, tabletop exercises, and other tools to help your business identify and rectify vulnerabilities.

  • Cyber Secure Online is equipped to provide remediation support and offer a virtual Chief Information Security Officer or a Data Privacy Officer to efficiently manage cybersecurity risks.

Unmatched Cybersecurity: What Sets Us Apart

  • Personalized Protection Plan: Tailor a unique cybersecurity solutions to fit your specific needs.

  • Responsive Support: Our team is ready to address your queries and resolve your issues quickly.

  • Continuous Updates: Stay ahead of cyber threats with regular updates to your security systems.

  • Simple yet Powerful: Easy-to-use cybersecurity solutions that don’t compromise on power or efficiency.

  • Expert Guidance: Receive clear, straightforward advice from industry professionals.

  • Data Privacy Priority: Your personal information remains safeguarded with our high-privacy protocols.

  • Value for Money: High-quality cybersecurity protection that won't break the bank.

Request Your Complimentary Assessment Today

Join us on an enlightening journey and take the no-risk initial step to protect your business from the continuously advancing tactics employed by cybercriminals. As an entrepreneur, you recognize the criticality of protecting your enterprise from perils like hacking and other cyber threats. Taking preventive actions early is key, akin to regular medical check-ups for early disease detection and treatment.

With Cyber Secure Online, you're never alone in this endeavor. Our 24/7 LIVE service proactively scans your business for cybersecurity threats. We swiftly detect, tackle, and report potential issues, offering you the tranquility you deserve. Have a concern? Our LIVE team is just a dial away, ready to assist you.


Moreover, we extend expert advice to bolster your cybersecurity and deliver vital remediation support when needed.

Opt for Cyber Secure Online for a far-reaching cybersecurity solution. With us, you get more than just a service – it's a partnership aimed at securing your digital infrastructure. Together, we can fend off the sophisticated strategies deployed by cybercriminals and ensure your business operates smoothly without any interruptions.

Start off strong with a free cyber risk assessment. Cyber Secure Online, where your safety is our priority. Let's fortify your business’s cyber defense, starting today.



Unearth the Concealed Weaknesses Hackers Capitalize On and Secure Your Business Against Disastrous Breaches.

Cyber Secure Online Simplifies Your Path to Peace of Mind at an Affordable Price

Let us guide you in identifying the proper measures to protect your invaluable data assets while satisfying cybersecurity compliance needs - all at a cost-effective price. Our methodology includes customizable services and capabilities specifically tailored to meet your unique needs.

Each day, we see the harrowing effects of cybercrime and privacy invasions. It becomes crucial to validate whether your private cameras are inadvertently broadcasting online or if any exposed passwords are hovering around the Dark Web because the risks are genuine. Can you afford delays?

Personal details like home addresses, phone numbers, and email IDs are easily
available online, exposing you to attacks aimed at your sensitive data. Let us fortify your defenses and protect what's most important to you.

We guarantee reasonably priced services, ensuring extensive protection without straining your budget.



24 x 7 x 365



Dear Valued Business Owner,

I'm writing to warn you about an imminent threat to your business. Cybercriminals are aggressively targeting small businesses like yours, and a devastating hack could occur any day now.

When it happens, you stand to lose everything - your data, money, customers, and even the business itself.

The statistics are grim:

60% of hacked small businesses close within 6 months of an attack

⚠ The average ransomware demand is over $84,000

⚠ Over 90% of businesses lack proper cybersecurity safeguards

You have worked too hard to let your business be destroyed by cybercriminals. But the threat is real and time is running out.

You must take swift, decisive action to protect your livelihood. Here are the 3 most critical steps:

1. Hire a managed IT security service immediately to assess your risk, install protections, and monitor 24/7. This is not optional anymore.

2. Educate all staff on cyber risks and make security part of company culture. Empower employees to help.

3. Backup critical data offline every 24 hours. Test restores regularly. This is your last line of defense.

I urge you in the strongest terms to take action TODAY. Delaying even one more day puts your business at severe risk. Please click this link to get started.

Let's work together to ensure your business survives and thrives well into the future.

Dianne Beattie


"Dianne is an award winning strategist who exceeds expectation by architecting and designing innovative systems that change organizational cultures and help them embrace new technologies.

Dianne pioneered information security and data risk mitigation capabilities that were instrumental in creating new security programs, policies and practices and bank standards. She was a catalyst for accomplishments for clients and customers."


Jim Payne

Jim Payne- Chief Information and Operations Officer, Associated Bank

"Dianne is a treasure trove of business resources and keeping your business safe and secure.

She offers invaluable professional insight and creative inspiration to successfully implement my business needs. I was amazed at her tenacious, problem solving attitude whenever a “roadblock” or issue surfaced. I appreciate her work ethic and her integrity. What she says, she will do. She goes the extra mile to want to please. She is a genius in back-office design and set-up. "


Christina McCracken

Christina McCracken, J.D., Partner: Bennett, Oliphant & McCracken, PLLC

"Cyber Secure Online's focus in deploying innovative solutions with high value has established incredible go-forward strategies to grow and scale businesses.

Dianne and her team is amazing to work with and collaborate with. Her diligence, high energy, competent focus in designing, creating and implementing innovative solutions is highly valuable. Simplify's services align with business objectives, resource requirements and marketing focus. Highly recommend Simplify and Dianne."


Mike Saylor

Mike Saylor, Professor - Cybersecurity & DFIR, CEO - Blackswan Cybersecurity

Urgent Warning: Your Business is at Risk of Cyber Attack

Dear Small Business Owner,

Cyber threats are increasing, and a cyber attack could destroy your business. You need to take cybersecurity very seriously to survive.

Here are the main steps you should take:

1. Assume your computer systems are already infected with malware or viruses. Act quickly to find and remove any infections.

2. Have an emergency response plan ready in case you get hacked. Know who to call for help and how to isolate infected computers. Practice and test this plan.

3. Back up critical data every day. Store backups offline and offsite so you can restore data if systems are damaged.

4. Install security software like antivirus and firewalls on all devices. Make sure your software is up-to-date.

5. Educate employees on cyber risks. Set rules like using strong passwords and avoiding suspicious emails/links. Monitor for policy violations.

6. Limit employee access to only the systems needed for their job. Disable unused accounts.

7. Regularly patch and update operating systems, software, and firmware. Vulnerabilities get exploited.

8. Consider cyber insurance to help recover costs if attacked. But read the fine print on war exclusions.

9. Have an emergency communication plan if email/phones are disrupted.

10. Know when to disconnect systems from the internet to isolate threats. Be prepared to operate offline.

A cyberattack could cost you everything. Take cybersecurity seriously and be prepared. Your business's survival depends on it.

Get your free risk assessment today! This service could be the difference between your business surviving or collapsing from an attack.

We are here to help! ~ Dianne Beattie

Cyber Secure Online is a...

Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP)

What does your managed security service do for my business?

We provide 24/7 monitoring, threat detection, and response to secure your IT systems and data from cyberattacks. This allows you to focus on your business while we handle security.ur team.

How does your service save me time and money?

By handling security for you, we reduce the need for you to hire in-house cybersecurity staff. Our service acts as your outsourced security team.

How advanced is your monitoring technology?

We utilize a cutting-edge SIEM platform, live threat intelligence feeds, and user behavior analytics for real-time detection and response. This goes beyond typical security software.your team.

Will your service create more work for my staff?

No, we handle all monitoring and security work behind the scenes. We only engage your team if a real threat is found needing attention.

Can you automate response to threats?

Yes, we can automatically deploy new firewall rules, disable breached accounts, and take other actions to swiftly neutralize threats.your team.

Can I access your systems to monitor the security of my business?

Absolutely, you will be provided with dashboards and reporting to view our security work and findings at any time.

What if a major incident occurs needing remediation?

You can use your internal IT staff, engage your current IT provider, or have our expert remediation team handle it for you. You have options.

Do you have experience handling security for businesses like mine?

Yes, our team has extensive experience protecting sensitive systems for the Department of Defense and other government agencies. We specialize in securing critical infrastructure and assets from advanced cyber threats.

Do you offer any other security services besides monitoring and response?

Yes, we provide a full range of cybersecurity services, including:

Security awareness training for your staff

• Compliance assessments and audits

• Vulnerability scanning and penetration testing

• Custom security policies, frameworks, and procedures

• Security incident preparedness planning and testing

• Technology stack design reviews and hardening

Our goal is to be a complete security partner and extension of your team. Let us know if you need any specific security capabilities!

What happens if you detect a threat to my business?

If we detect a threat like malware or an intrusion attempt, we will take immediate actions like:

• Isolating infected machines

• Blocking malicious IP addresses

• Disabling compromised user accounts

• Shutting down vulnerable services

• Gathering forensic evidence

• Notifying your team

Our priority is to swiftly contain threats before they can spread or cause damage. We have the tools and expertise to rapidly respond 24/7.

What are the steps you take to protect my business?

If we detect a threat like malware or an intrusion attempt, our team will immediately work to isolate and contain it before it can spread or cause damage. We will implement blocking rules, disable compromised accounts, take infected machines offline, gather evidence, and notify your team of the incident. Our top priority is a swift response to neutralize the threat with minimal impact to your business.

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May your digital defense be robust and your vigilance unwavering!